Havells Loop Alkaline RO + UV and Alkaline Water Purifier (Hydro Grey, 6 Litres)

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About this Item

  • Futuristic Design for Style Statement: Compact styling with black color and 6 L capacity water tank and hygienic flow control faucet.
  • Unique 5 Stage 100% RO Purification Assured Safety : During purification stage 100% water passes through RO membrane followed by UV membrane removing chemical impurities and microbiological contaminants thus ensures absolute safe and healthy drinking water.
  • Convenience Features: It balances pH level of purified water and re mineralizes it by adding naturally occurring essential minerals and salts. It also removes organic residues and VOC, which enhances the taste of purified water and results in healthier water.
  • Installation & Warranty: Experience best in class 1 in a million service & manufacturers warranty cover for 1 year. T&C apply. Cover your product with attractive extended warranty plans to enjoy life long safe and healthy drinking water.
  • Activated Carbon Cartridge, UV Filter, Automatic Purification
  • Purification Process: RO + UV + Alkaline

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Product Description

Why Buy HAVELLS LOOP 6L RO + UV + Alkaline Water Purifier

Experience clean and purified drinking water with the HAVELLS LOOP 6L RO + UV + Alkaline Water Purifier. This advanced water purifier combines multiple filtration technologies to ensure that you and your family have access to safe and healthy drinking water. The RO (Reverse Osmosis) and UV Filter (Ultraviolet) purification processes work together to remove impurities, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful contaminants from the water, making it safe for consumption. It not only purifies the water but also enhances its taste and quality. The HAVELLS LOOP 6L RO + UV + Alkaline Water Purifier features an Alkaline that adds essential minerals back into the water, maintaining its pH balance and providing you with water that is not only pure but also healthier.

This HAVELLS LOOP 6L RO + UV + Alkaline Water Purifier is equipped with convenient features to ensure ease of use. With its sleek and modern design, this water purifier will complement any kitchen decor, and its compact size makes it ideal for both small and large households. The water purifier comes with a user-friendly interface. The storage tank has a large capacity, ensuring that you always have a sufficient supply of purified water. With its efficient filtration system and innovative features, this water purifier is a reliable choice to safeguard the health and well-being of your family. So, grab this product HAVELLS LOOP 6L RO + UV + Alkaline Water Purifier online!

From the Manufacturer

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