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Home and Kitchen Supplies: best prices and shopping experience guaranteed!


Launched in 2013

Gauryog was successfully selling on Major platform like Amazon, Flipkart, PayTM and now launching our e-commerce platform to better serve our customers.

Measured Quality

Quality is at the heart of our operations. For us, quality means first class customer service, including product reliability, delivery fulfilment, responsiveness, and after sales service, as well as the efficiency of our operations.

At Gauryog, we are committed to conducting our business activities to ensure the continual improvement of the company’s overall performance in order to satisfy the expectations and needs of our customers.

It is our aim to always achieve total customer satisfaction with the products and services we offer so customers continue to use us as their preferred supplier and can confidently recommend our company to other potential customers.

Our Partners and Suppliers

As a direct member with most major brands, we offer you all of the benefits of a local firm with the strengths that only a large international company can offer.

This means that we can bring you all the advantages of commercial scale – low prices and strong service support – and all the customer service benefits of local suppliers, who truly cares about their customers.

We dig to differAt Gauryog we want to be different! We don’t want to be just another on-line shop, which looks exactly the same as all the others, works the same and makes the same bold promises! We want to give you much, much more!

Gauryog is an on-line shop dedicated to the needs of customers in smaller businesses and organisations and direct users, who want all of the price and product range advantages enjoyed by larger concerns, but with a service specifically tailored to their needs.

What we want to achieve at Gauryog is quite simple: to give you the very best on-line price offer; to be simple, convenient and easy to use; to ensure a safe and reliable on-line shopping experience; and to provide you with a wealth of supporting information so that you can get the very best value from your purchases.

At Gauryog we believe that we can offer you unrivalled value and an unrivalled shopping experience. Here’s our promise to you:

We guarantee the best prices on-line

Gauryogr gives you an absolute commitment that our prices for Home and Kitchen products will always be the lowest on-line.

We have unashamedly adopted an idea from the supermarket retail world – the Price Check – and regularly compare our product prices with those offered by leading competitor sites, so that we can always ensure that we are the lowest!

Further to best prices we also give youGauryog Points every time you make a purchase from Gauryog, which you can redeem and enjoy further discounts on future purchases.

We guarantee the best on-line shopping experience

We all know that on many websites, the shopping process can be time-consuming and cumbersome, particularly when trying to find products and navigating your way through the shopping basket and payment process.

In developing Gauryog, we have therefore placed emphasis on giving users:

  • quick, easy to use and powerful search facilities, allowing you to filter down to the exact product you want;
  • a very quick and easy way to make repeat purchases user Gauryog’s Shopping Lists and
  • a very short check-out process, which allows users to use pre-defined address and payment details to short-cut steps used by most shopping baskets.

Our commitment at Gauryog is to give you a ‘no fuss’ shopping experience for your purchases, incorporating the most powerful technology currently available.

We guarantee you safe and reliable shopping

By using the latest and most advanced encryption technology, Gauryog guarantees you absolute security when making payments on the site.

In addition, Gauryog guarantees you absolute peace of mind when making a purchase that:

  • our products are reliable, and will do the job for which they are intended;
  • should you need to make a return, this process is easy and stress free;
  • that deliveries are made quickly and you are kept informed of their progress;
  • that you can easily track your purchases and payments.

In short, Gauryog wants to take all stress out of buying Home and Kitchen products, and if things do go wrong, we are there to ensure that they are quickly put right with no fuss.

We guarantee you great product support

At Gauryog, we want to help you make best use of the products that you purchase from us. We have assembled a large number of Gauryog Expert Articles and Videos which provide a wealth of advice and tips, presented in short, to the point how to guides regarding best use of your products, and buying or Chooser Guides for a range of key products.

We guarantee support for the community

Behind Gauryog there is a strong team – customer service and accounting staff, warehouse and delivery personnel, and so on – all of whom are committed to conducting business in a socially responsible manner.

Garuyog is committed to conducting its business in an environmentally aware manner, in terms of both product selections and operating practices.

Gauryog’scommitment also extends to the wider community, where we have decided to support a number of charities, primarily by donating 1% of every sale achieved by Gauryog to charity.

We guarantee personality!

Most of us, given the chance, would prefer to buy from people; it is difficult to share a joke with a faceless website! Gauryog wants to put some of the fun back into on-line shopping. You may also be tempted to follow the adventures of Gauryog on Facebook and Twitter!

And finally

Thank you for using Gauryog. We hope you enjoy using the site. Please let us know your experiences, good or bad: write to the Gauryog at contact us. We guarantee to personally acknowledge each and every comment that is made.